Day 114 - Buzz Cut & Designer Costumes

We are still recovering from a busy week with my parents, in which we visited many different towns here in beautiful Andalucia (Granada, Comares, SevillaMalaga... oh my!).  For that reason, we have switched from "tourist mode" to "relaxed mode" for the foreseeable future.  I enjoyed catching up on the blog and laundry, hubby enjoyed a nice run and continued with his new iOS development learning adventures, and the kids had a blast just playing. 

A Buzz Cut

After his last haircut in France, Kian declared that for his next one he would like to get a buzz cut. A few days ago, when we were in Sevilla and had some extra time waiting for a restaurant to open, we found a hair salon and he got that buzz cut he had been asking for.  My husband, who also needed a haircut but couldn't get one in Sevilla because they were closing, liked the buzz cut so much he decided he wanted one himself, and he suggested we just give him one as a family at home.  "What's the worst that can happen?  Hair will grow back", he confidently declared.  I would say our collective efforts paid off nicely.  Now we have two handsome buzzcut heads in the house. 

Designer Costumes

Look out New York Fashion Show, here comes Kian Morton ;)

Remember I said how much Kian has been having fun with drawing, well today he took his love of drawing pictures to the next level and started designing costumes for himself and Hannah. 

First he made a Zelda costume for Hannah and then a red Link costume for himself.  Yes yes they are very primitive, but hey even Calvin Klein had to start somewhere, and Kian did make the entire thing himself, all the different pieces that he drew, cut, and assembled (front and back).  I only helped with some taping and connecting the back and front of the costumes.  

Since I am writing this post almost 4 days later (ah, I am finally catching up), he has created a few more costumes with some improvements (pictures of those soon).  He usually likes making them for Hannah, which I find really cute. 

Who knows, maybe one day he'll be a famous clothing designer... or maybe he won't.  One thing for sure though, he is having a blast making them :)