Day 121 - Halloween Crafts & Lunch in a Tree House

This is Halloween, This is Halloween...well...Not quite the one we know

We have been asking around about what Halloween is like here in Spain...and sadly it turns out there isn't much going on for Halloween.  In the recent years, it has apparently become more popular, but mostly for shopping malls and some restaurants. Trick or treating, carving pumpkins, and hanging scary things around your house are just not something most Spaniards take part in. 

What a bummer because Halloween is definitely one of our favorite holidays back home.  This morning, in order to get into the Halloween spirit, we decided to decorate a little by just using construction paper, scissors, and some glue (oh and Hannah had to use her Hello Kitty and pink whale stamps to decorate her ghost)!  

Not that we have ever been a very spendy family when it comes to these things, but we do live in America and consumerism is definitely a thing, especially around holidays.  Nonetheless, I am slowly and surely realizing how little kids really need to have fun and get creative. 

These homemade decorations and whatever we end up doing on Halloween day (as we leave this house and travel to Madrid) will have to do for this year, because after all this year is all about new experiences.  We will just have to celebrate Halloween in a more traditional style next year, though I fully expect to repeat this same crafts activity, since it was such a big hit with the kids.

Eating Lunch Up in a Tree

Five days ago, we revealed our awesome tree house to you.  We had been planning to get up there for lunch, and today ended up being that day.  It was a little funny getting all of our lunch up there, and it was great fun to eat in the tree house.. 

This is the first time for all of us to have eaten in a tree house, and we loved it.  Whenever we settle down, wherever it may be, I hope we can build a tree house for our kids one day.  It would definitely be a fun project.  Don't you think?