Day 158 - Happy Thanksgiving (in the US)!

So we celebrated Thanksgiving a bit differently this year...there was no turkey, no pies, no stuffings, and no gravy, but there were still many reasons for us to give thanks! 

These are just a few of the things we are grateful this year:

1. We are grateful for health health health...for ourselves and our friends and family back home. 
2. We are grateful that we have had the opportunity to travel around the world and to see and learn so much. 
3. We are grateful that #2 has not resulted in us getting bored or annoyed with each other.  We all still very much enjoy each other's company! 
4. The grown up travelers are particularly grateful for the little traveling companions who have been awesome explorers. 
5. Annnnd finally, we are grateful for the 1 hour Couples Thai massage we got today while our Kian and Hannah played with their toys in the waiting area.

We started our day not with heading to the Macy*s Parade or even watching it on TV, but by heading to the laundromat to get our laundry done, and then to a local Thai restaurant for some delicious Pad Thai and yummy coconut water.  

After a 1 hour massage! Ahhhh...feeling relaxed!

Once our clothes made it safely into the dryer, we headed down the street to a Thai Massage place and asked if they had availability for a couple's massage.  They did! Best of all they had a waiting area next to the massage beds where Kian and Hannah played with the toys they had brought while we got our 1 hour massage that ended up costing us $14 total! 

To reward our awesome kids for being so well behaved and entertaining themselves while we got a massage, we headed back to Kiddy Land which they enjoyed so much yesterday. This time they also enjoyed some of the arcade games and rides, which generally cost 10 Bhat each. 

For dinner, we did some searching to see what restaurants in Chiang Mai offer an American Thanksgiving meal.  We had found a restaurant called Duke's which looked pretty good, however they were pretty far away, their prices were pretty high, and they didn't really have any availability unless we just showed up and waited and maybe got lucky.  We decided to pass on the whole idea and picked a nearby Korean restaurant called Dakgalbi House instead.  

Our food was delicious and the staff were so sweet.  Mmm... the kimchi was yumtastic!  The kids loved their food too, and Hannah ate so much that she, in her own words, "exploded"! :)

The coolest part for us was the option they provide for 50 Bhats to get fried rice made with the left over vegetables and meat from the main dish.  They basically tell you in the menu not to finish all the contents of your main dish, so once you are "done", you can ask them to make the fried rice.  And this is how they make it:

1. Chop up the left over contents with scissors
2. Add white rice
3. Mix all the contents together
4. Make a heart shape to impress the already super full eaters! 

Although we definitely missed being with family this Thanksgiving, we really cannot possibly complain about the wonderful day we had together. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all in the US :)