Thailand with Kids

November 22nd - December 1st, 2014

Our Story

When Hannah was just born, we decided to get an Au Pair and ended up with a nice young girl from Chiang Mai, Thailand who lived with us for a year.  She always spoke very highly of Thailand's beauty, and there wasn't even a discussion about including Thailand on our round the world trip, it was just automatically on there from the beginning.  While we were planning our trip, unfortunately there was a coup going on, so we put on hold planning that leg until it got closer.  The months had passed and Thailand hadn't exploded into all out war, so we started planning out our trip in more detail.  We knew were going to Chiang Mai to visit our former Au Pair, but we were also seriously considering spending time in some of the very beautiful islands in Thailand as well.  We also considered Bangkok, but decided against it as we didn't feel it was necessary to visit both major cities, and after all we have to leave some places to visit later.  In the end, due to timing and budget, we decided to skip Thailand's islands all together and just visit Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai

Compared to Hanoi, Chiang Mai is a very Westernized and tourist friendly city.  It was an entirely different take on Southeast Asia for us, and was definitely another wonderful experience.  The weather in Chiang Mai in November is just perfect; sunny and warm every day, just the way we like it.  Though a bit pricier than Hanoi, prices are still very good compared to Europe, making it a very affordable place to live and eat.  We only had 10 days in Thailand, so we crammed it pretty full of activities.  We visited many beautiful temples (much more beautiful than the Chinese temples we found in Hanoi) and we also got some really unique, up close experiences with elephants and tigers.  We all had a great time in Chiang Mai, made even better by getting to reunite with our Au Pair, and having her to help us get the most out of our stay.

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